Learning the steps

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Learning the steps

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I was working at a theatre and she heard that orchestration for the entire pregnancy. That must have been the start because ever since she was born she LOVES music! Now at 3 ½ yrs. old she can’t stop singing, and dancing. Oh, and she loves an audience. She memorizes lyrics, and lines from musicals, and certain cape moves from an Ice princess.

I have a lot of people say they’re not surprised that she loves the performing arts, because my husband and I love the arts, but seeing it through her eyes is an absolute joy!

Gemma started taking dance at a dance studio when she was a little over 2 yrs. old. She loved getting her hair in piggy tails, and pulling up her tutu! We had a ball, and she had the most adorable teacher! Then her sweet teacher went back to school, so we took a break. I thought why don’t I start teaching her at home and see where it goes?

 So here we go with learning the steps…

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