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Sing your heart out!

I’m loving watching both girls light up when they sing. It’s funny how I thought my second child was quieter, and maybe not have a love for performing like our oldest. Then one day I turn around and my youngest is standing on the step stool belting her favorite song! It’s like she had to watch day after day what big sis was doing to learn the way.

It’s fun to see this vulnerability in children, and have no fear of sharing their voice! For me Being a dancer, and having studied voice as well as a child, singing solo wasn’t my favorite. The funny thing is I actually love singing, and wish I had the confidence like my children.:-) I truly learn from my kids every day, they’ve made me see joy in the small things, and remind me how far music can take us all!

I have to give a big shout out to my hubby and HIS love of music! He’s shared such an array of music with our girls and I’m beyond grateful for that! When my oldest says when we get in the car “Mom, can you put on Typical by Mutemath please”, I smile and say “Sure”. My husband should be proud how much he’s sharing his love for music with our girls!

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